Monday Recap: Before, During, and After the ER.
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As many of you on my Twitter and Facebook, and of course here on LJ, know, I ended my monday with an unplanned trip to the emergency room. A bit of background here...Ever since our car accident in 2006, I've had some odd feelings, momentary freeze-ups/blackouts, and things like that. We finally figured out in early 2009 that they're seizures of some sort. Unfortunately, we still have no clue what the root cause is...hoping the Neurologist eventually comes across a test that'll help me figure that out.

Let me set the scene for all of you. When I have these seizures, I lose my grip on time, feeling, what's happening around me. According to sighted people who've seen them, even though I'm on medication, they seem to be becoming more intense. Usually right afterward, I feel kinda dizzy for a minute. Also, because I can't have just one in a day, it's going to be at least 5 or 6...At most 13 (we'll get to that story in a bit), it honestly makes me afraid to do anything that day that involves walking outside my home. So more than the physical aspect, it also mindfucks you. Pardon the language, but it's the term that comes to mind.

So, Memorial Day weekend, I had about 13 of them on Saturday and into Sunday morning. As most of you know, I own and host on Mojo Radio on the weekends. I thought nothing of it; did my Saturday night show as planned. I had 2 of these seizures during that night's show, and I believe both of them went over the air. I'm not aware of what happens, but I've been told everything from I look like I'm in pain, I throw things such as my cane, and I alternate between saying "I'm Okay...I'm Okay..." and "Oh, shit, make it stop." They used to last 15-30 seconds. However, what sparked me finally allowing myself to be taken to the ER was when my boss saw me have one while I packed up my stuff for the day. It scared her enough that she had our admin assistant call 911.

Fire guys showed up, and took my pulse and blood pressure. Not sure what the pulse was, but BP was 178 over 120 or 187 over 120...Not sure which. By the end of the night, I had 124/78. Vastly different.

So, in the end, I agreed with Danielle, Heather, Devious angel, and others who said not to wait for tomorrow's appointment, but to get my ass to the ER right now...They could at least run some tests, check fluids and all that.

So, originally, we were going to go to Virginia Mason because it's close to work. However, Heather made the suggestion, which turned out to be brilliant, to go back to my usual ER, the Swedish campus in Then, if my docs were needed, they'd just be a phone call away.

I had one more seizure while in the reception area getting my info inputted. They got me back pretty much immediately.

Here, my friends, is where we learn about the boring part of theEdmonds emergency room. I waited; got some blood drawn, then they started shooting me up with Ativan. I apparently fell asleep a few times...Talked to people whose names I don't recall.

The ER doc talked to my doc though, and they agreed to try me on this new prescription to mix with my current one. Essentially, here's how it was described...In simple terms,

You havve ex amount of electricity on the breaker box. When the threshold is reached, that's when you fall into another seizure if you're not careful. So I'm now on Trileptol, and have started something called Kepra.

In the end, they shot me full of Ativan, gave me the prescription for this, and sent me home, where I'm at now.

If you have questions, ask away. I may not have all the answers, but am willing to do what I can.

In closing, want to thank all of you for encouraging, and in some cases Really helping out. Special thanks to Heather who, even though our marriage didn't work in the end, when I really need someone I can count on, you're always there...Thanks for getting ahead of us and getting there in time to finish the paperwork. Danielle, thanks for your concern, and for being not only a great boss/director, but a true friend. Sorry this one was so far out of your way.

That's it from here. I apologize if there are loads of misspellings...Between lack of sleep, ativan, and my new seizure med...I'm exhausted. Need sleep. Good night all, and thanks again for your support. It means a lot.

Derby Radio is Now Mojo Radio; Update Your Bookmarks
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It's been a while since I've written anything in here, personal or public. For all of you who read this, as wel as all my Twitter and Facebook friends, some cool news about my online station, the former Derby Radio.

I'd been thinking of a name-change for a while, something that didn't sound so conceited as having it named after myself. I was talking with a friend, and he came up with the name Mojo Radio. With his permission, I took it...It also helps that he's now a DJ on the station, and did his first show last night. So, we'll be working on the new Mojo Radio website, and the listen link, if you've got it bookmarked in your media player, has also changed. Instead of, the new URL is Put that in your player, and listen whether we're live or running the Auto DJ.

So we will move forward as Mojo Radio, and see what the future holds. Right now, the only show that's in a regular timeslot is "The Eclectic Collection", hosted by the amazing and talented on Wednesdays at 7:00 PM Eastern, 4:00 Pacific. I still go on when I'm able and have a block of time...Usually Friday or Saturday nights. Tonight (Sunday, when I write this), I'll be going on at 7:00 Pacific, 10:00 Eastern since I don't work tomorrow.

I'll be working on the website, hopefully getting an application up soon, and once we havve more DJ's, we'll post a regular schedule.

Thanks to our amazing web-hosting company, UltraHost for all their support during this process. You guys are the best.

That's it from here. Just remember to add to your media player, and tune in often.

Info About the Newly Launched
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As many of you know, I've been broadcasting on the internet every Friday night at 2020 The Blink. I'm still there for the time-being, but have also launched my own site, Derby Radio. Initially, it was just going to be a server where I, and maybe a few friends, could go on and do what we wanted...No rules, no content restrictions.

After doing a couple shows on the server, and after having a friend, "Bad Bob" Kanish, do a couple shows, I noticed that we were drawing good numbers, especially considering that both myself and Bob usually went on with very little notice...In some cases, less than 10 minutes. At that point, I started toying with the idea of turning this into a full-fledged internet radio station. To keep it contained, we'll probably start out with people whom we know are quality broadcasters and who are friends, and won't cause any drama.

As you saw, I said "we". If it weren't for my amazing partner in this venture, who actually helped convince me that I could do this, and who is in charge of all aspects of the site design and content, none of this ever would have happened. So in a huge way, if this works, I owe a lot of it to the amazing, talented, and great friend murryprincess . She's a great web designer, an excellent broadcaster, knows a lot about making an operation like this succeed, and above all else, is a true friend, and I thank her for her faith in me, and in this crazy dream I have. Many have encouraged me, and I appreciate all of you...But murryprincess stepped up to the plate, volunteered to do all the web content without me even asking, and after talking with her, I realized there's no one better to have as a partner in this venture. And for the record, she IS NOT a silent partner. If shemakes a decision or suggestion, it carries just as much weight as any decision I make, and we'll be communicating and working together on all aspects of the station and the website. If I'm unavailable, or even if I am, and you have questions, are a broadcaster, or anything of that nature, you can go to either one of us. Our contact information is on the website, thanks to her.

Now, to answer some questions I've received. Yes, we will entertain requests and offers from prospective broadcasters. We'll need to hear you and have you test, just like you would anywhere else. So to those who are interested, we'll set up a time to do testing. Right now, we don't have a test server, but I plan to talk to The folks at Ultrahost, my hosting company, about adding that down the line. For now, we may have to use the standard live server, and possibly not publicize the tests. Tests will be coordinated for a time at which both murryprincess and myself are available to listen and evaluate talent. I'm on Pacific time, and she's currently 18 hours ahead of me, but we will make this work.

We have no set format and no content restrictions. Say and play what you want; you're responsible for what you put out there. If your content's compelling and entertaining, you'll get listeners. If it's not, chances are, you won't. We're all adults; we don't need a babysitter telling us "Don't use those naughty words". If you tune in to Derby Radio, you do so knowing there's a chance you may here some adult language. At the same time, if you want to work clean, that's okay with us as well. Basically, what you do is up to you. We just ask that once a schedule is in place, you respect that. Do your show when you're scheduled to do so; be done on time if there's a show directly after yours.

To express an interest in doing something on the station, either use the contact information on the page, or contact me or Sky, murryprincess , by any means to which you have access.

Finally, when there's not a live show on-air, the Auto DJ plays a rotation of music. Currently, it's just over 1200 songs from my collection. If you are an artist who would like to submit your music to be played either during automation or by our DJ's if your music fits someone's show, or just a friend of the station who wants to hear some certain artists in the rotation, submit material via Sendspace to myself and/or Sky-Lee, murryprincess . We WILL NOT be giving out the FTP password for people to randomly upload content. All content for the site goes through Sky, and either of us, as the managers of Derby Radio will handle music and other content uploads.

That said, I'll be rotating the content often, and you'll hear a wide mix during automated periods. To tell the truth, I generally listen to it all day here at work while I'm getting things done. It's a cool mix, and I don't just say that because it's from my collection.

When I'm going to go on live, I always post to my Twitter and my Facebook so that people know to tune in. Once we get the line-up solidified, we'll put up a proper schedule.

I think this answers all the questions I've received, mostly via Twitter, but if you have others, ask myself or Sky, and we'll be happy to answer anything that comes up.

Enjoy, and thanks for your time.

The Monday Show: Get Ready For It!
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It's Monday. This means it's time for Wes Derby's Monday Madness on Also, as I'll be away from the mic the next three Fridays, the Monday shows will be it for a while, unless I end up grabbing some fill-in slots. Of course, requests are welcome in the usual ways; via my Twitter, and via the messenger accounts.

    • Windows Live:
      AIM:, which is also my personal MSN/Windows Live ID.
  • Join me from 10:00 PM-1:00 AM Eastern, 7:00-10:00 PM Pacific. We'll have a good time, play lots of music, and hopefully talk about some cool and interesting stuff. I hope to see you there.

    [Fixed] A few of My Show Archives Some People have Asked For
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    Usually, I post the archive of my show to Sendspace, and then tweet the link out to my followers...However, some people who aren't on Twitter, such as facebook friends, have asked to hear some of the Derby Classic Showws thusfar...LOL Anyhow, here are a few links to some of my shows. Most include an MP3 of the show and an HTML file containing the playlist. I think there's only one that's strictly the MP3. I figured posting them to my LJ would be a great way to expose them to the public, plus thanks to certain apps, we'll be able to get them out to both Twitter and FB. Awesome.

    So here we go...From oldest to newest. These arre the oldest I have up on Sendspace; I've been doing this since the first of September. 09/25 Show: No Playlist 09/28 Show 10/02 Show 10/05 Show 10/09 Show 10/12 Hair/Classic Metal Extravaganza 10/16 Show 10/19 All-Country show

    I hope you enjoy, and please feel free to leave comments in the appropriate area.

    Tonight's Show; Maybe Trying Something New
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    Well, fine readers, it's that time again. I realize I haven't used this spot for much else other than show promotion, but that will change soon...But tonight, we have another installment of Hillbillies and Headbangers with Wes Derby at 2020 The Blink from 10:00 PM Pacific-1:00 AM Pacific. Of courrse, this translates to 1:00 AM Eastern on Saturday morning until 4:00 AM Eastern.

    We'll have the usual mix of country, metal, southern rock, classic rock, and hard stuff...But what I'm hoping for is to hear more from you, out there in the listening audience. Let's get some more requests rolling in; let's get some fun feedback that I can comment on, give you props, or shit, for...For the most part, the station itself uses MSN/Windows Live Messenger exclusively for messaging purposes. Of course, the ID will still be there, always. However, because I know a lot of my listeners don't use WLM/MSN Messenger, we'll be employing my personal AIM, and probably my MSN as well. Both ID's are the same, Add me; listen to the show, and we'll talk and stuff. The integration idea is thanks to the assistance I received ffrom MurryPrincess, who built me a kick-ass, customized version of the Miranda chat client. Thanks, my friend...Yoou are excellent. Hey, maybe someday, we'll even add in Skype.

    So tune in, check in, and let's have some fun with this. As far as music goes, I think we'll have a lot of the usual stuff, but we're also going to branch out and play stuff like Gram Parsons, Flying Burrito Brothers, New Riders of the Purple Sage, and even a new band called Blackberry Smoke...If you like your southern rock, you'll love these guys.

    So come on in, crack a couple beers, and hang out. We'll have a good time.

    Tonight's Show on Looking Forward To It
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    Well, here it is, my first LJ entry, and what do you know, I'm using it to plug my show...Shameless self-promotion whore that I am. :-) But let's get serious here for a second...Or not.

    Anyone who knows me well knows radio was always my dream/ambition. Now, I'm doing it for fun, on Come check me out tonight, from 10:00 PM-1:00 AM pacific, 1:00 AM-4:00 AM Eastern for my show, "Hillbillies and Headbangers". The show, for those who don't know, is a mix of country, southern rock, classic rock, hard rock, andmetal...Somehow, it works nicely. You'll hear anything from classic country such as Merle Haggard and Waylon Jennings to new artists like Chris Young, Gary Allan, and everything in between. You'll also hear Americana acts like Cross Canadian Ragweed, Reckless Kelly, Stoney LaRue, Robert Earl Keen, and the like. As far as rock, you'll hear anything from Skynyrd to Shinedown to UFO...We even got REAL heavy and play bands like Opeth, Anthrax, Slayer and the like. So come check me out at Click on the Listen link, and select your favorite media player.

    Just to give you a taste of what I do, here's a link to last week's show, which ran over by almost an hour because I got carried away with the thrash set at the end. Hillbillies and Headbangers, 10/09/2009. The zip file contains the MP3 of the show and an HTML playlist so you can follow along. tonight's show will be better.

    I also do a show on Mondays, "Wes Derby's Monday Madness", from 7:00-10:00 PM Pacific, 10:00 PM-1:00 AM Eastern...Similar mix, but a little looser in that we'll add some alternative, maybe pop...But they're both fun; I play what I want because the station's management gives me great creative control and freedom. Toonhead and Stephanie are awesome people, and I thank them for giving me a radio home to get back into the game.

    On both shows, requests are welcome. You can hit me up via my Twitter, or you can add the station's MSN/Windows Live Messenger address to your messenger and contact me live at I encourage anyone listening to tune in, get in touch if you want, or just kick back and enjoy the show.

    I'll likely start posting show links here so people can catch up on what they've missed. Coming tonight or over the weekend, the link to this past Monday's all hair/classic metal show; one of my favorite genres. I welcome your comments and suggestions on the show here on LJ as well. Considering an all-country show for the near future. It'd be a mix, again, of classic, contemporary, and alt country/Americana.

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